When Good Parenting Turns Bad

Last week, Son was especially hyped up at preschool. I blame in on the fact that we been in vacation mode for the last few days because we had taken a trip up to The Lake. So, I picked Son up from school and was talking to a friend out in the courtyard, as we were getting ready to head out to the car.

When there is room outside to run, Son will run. He is full of energy (I envy this fact often) and loves to play with other kids. He was running around “like a wild man” and I asked him to stop. I would like to tell you that as soon as I speak, my kids immediately cease and desist, but that would be a lie. He kept running. I knew the correct thing to do would be to stop my conversation and take care of the problem. I didn’t. Apparently, I am not good at the old “cease and desist” routine either. Genetics, what can you do?

So, I talked for a while longer and then asked Son and Daughter to walk over to me so that we could head out to the car. And so, here comes Son, at full Lightening McQueen speed directly at me. The problem: there was another child standing near me and in the path of Son’s beeline.

It was ugly. In hindsight, I am pretty sure Son’s mouth made direct contact with Friend’s Son’s head. I know, bummer. Here’s where things took a turn for the worst. Husband and I have this idea that we don’t want to baby the kids. Okay, before you judge, let me explain. We want the kids to be able to fall down and get back up with out major drama. We give them space to play and run without us right beside them with a pillow ready to catch them in case something happens.

And so, here is where a great parenting idea can go wrong. Son is crying and is really upset. I can’t quite tell what he hit and so, I am telling him that he will be okay and not making a big deal out of it. Totally laid back mom, right. I bend down to give him a hug and tell him he is okay and it’s no big deal. And here’s where it gets even worse, I say, “If you would have followed Mommy’s directions and stopped running, this would not have happened.” That’s when Friend tells me that she thinks his mouth is bleeding. Sure enough, there is blood on the shoulder of my sweatshirt.

Look out folks, the Ridiculous Parenting Moment of the Year Award is all mine. Talk about feeling so bad! After rounding up Daughter, I take Son to the bathroom and discover that not only is his lip bleeding, but also it is beginning to swell. Terrific. But wait, it gets better. In the midst of the tears and me putting wet paper towels on his lip, Son looks up at me, still a little weepy and says, “I’m sorry I didn’t follow your directions Mommy.”

Pull the knife out of my heart. Needless to say, Son is fine, it is Mommy who is still struggling with this one.

Why I don’t need a gym membership: Interval Training

There are many different ways to get in shape. Some people run, others power walk, and then there are the gym members. We used to have a membership to the local YMCA, but I found myself not attending enough to pay the fees. And so, I decided to look at things a different way. Who needs a gym, you can workout like this?

Interval training is a fast burst of activity followed by slower, easier pace of activity. (Attention health nuts, I know this isn’t the perfect definition, but it will do.) We are potty training Daughter. And so, my day goes along with a nice easy pace, but when I hear the word, “Potty!” shouted out, it is time to kick it into high gear. I sprint, pick up the package and deliver her into the bathroom as fast as I can. False alarm? I go back to the pace of my day.

I really like to step up the intensity of the training by putting it all out on the line. I take Daughter out of the house sans diaper and with her “big girl panties” on. The game has changed. When you hear the code word, “Potty” you must now pick up the package (along with Son who is tagging along and getting a huge kick out of all of this) abandon your cart (if you are in a store – which I usually am) and run around frantically until you find a bathroom. You dodge other customers, slip through isles and jog in place while you ask the cashier (who has absolutely no pity for your situation) where the nearest restroom is. When you do find the bathroom, it is not the time to drop back to a lower pace. You push forward, helping daughter on the potty while keeping an eye on Son to ensure that he touches nothing.

At this point, I find myself with two options. If Daughter is successful, the “potty dance” takes place. This is a combination of jumping up and down while frantically clapping. Also, you can’t be out of breath for this one, because you have to be singing the praises of the potty child. If the attempt is unsuccessful, you get a small break to gather yourself and the little ones around you and head back out to find the cart. In this case, the workout has returned to its normal pace.

My Triumphant Return

Okay, seriously, that was a little over dramatic, but you get the point right. After a long hiatus involving relaxation and vacationing, (and also a few holidays and guests from out of town) I am finally back.

Let the blogging begin (again)!