Asylum: The Circeae Tales by Ashley Hodges Bazer

When Captain Chase Leighton finds out that his wife has gone missing, his experiences a variety of different emotions. As Asylum: The Circeae Tales continues, Leighton will find himself going to extraordinary lengths just to get her back. As the plot unfolds, Trista, Leighton’s wife is discovered, however she no longer goes by that name and no longer has the beliefs that her friends and family have held close for years. What happens when regaining someone is almost more difficult than losing him or her completely?

From the beginning, I was hooked. I’m not much of a sci-fi reader but I love sci-fi movies so I assumed that this book would be a great read for me. I was not disappointed. Bazer knits together a plot that is both heart wrenching and insightful. While there are obvious points when the message of the book is a little overwhelming, the majority of the story is filled with subtle references to a Higher Power and His control in the lives of the people. The sentences flowed smoothly and it was easy to get caught up in the story of Chase, Trista, the Legacy, and the Ghosts.

Aside from the entertainment value of the book, there is an inspiring message and one that we can never hear too often. There is always a plan. Even if we don’t see it, there is a reason for everything that happens.

Would I recommend the book to others? Absolutely. However, I would consider starting at the back of the book with the definitions for some of the more difficult people, places, and things in the book. For those that don’t want any of the mystery revealed too quickly, consider using the back of the book as a resource when a specific idea doesn’t make sense or isn’t clear. (I had trouble keeping track of all the different people, their names and their jobs on either side of the spectrum.)

Thomas Nelson Publishing provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.