I couldn’t help myself

Have you ever done something that you know is wrong, but you just can’t help yourself? I know what you are thinking: Here comes a juicy confession. Not really, just an interesting story.

I had to meet Husband at the human resources department of his previous job to fill out some paperwork. I got there a little early and waited in the car for him. The weather was nice, so I rolled the window down about halfway, turned the engine off, and just enjoyed a nice quiet moment.

This all came to an abrupt end as two people began a heated conversation right in front of the car. I tried to distract myself. It was awkward to just sit there and be in the middle of something like that. I started to clean out my purse, but the more of the conversation I heard, the less I wanted to distract myself. And so, I eavesdropped. That’s right, I put my purse aside and became the “fly on the wall.”

I have to admit, it went from awkward to interesting. I had met these people before; they were Husband's co-workers. I knew the people they were talking about. I took it all in, until Husband pulled up in his truck beside me. I was hesitant to give up on the conversation. I thought for sure as soon as they saw us, they would quiet down and drop the argument to say hello.

Nope, they kept at it. We walked into the building and closed the door and to my delight, we could still hear them yelling. I quickly took the seat closest to the door and continued listening. I chuckled aloud a few times Husband gave me “that look.” You know the one that reminds you that you are being a little too obvious. As we finished, I saw the two individuals leaving in separate cars and I could tell that the argument did not end well.

What is about situations like that? You know it’s wrong to listen, but it is just so interesting! Please tell me I am not the only person that would have listened in.

The Fruits of Preschool

I knew putting Son into preschool would be interesting. One of the main reason we put him in preschool was to provide more opportunities for social interaction with other children his age. Here’s an example of what he is learning from these “social interactions.” Boy = the kid in his class that he mentions.

Tonight I took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights. The following conversation ensued:

Son: Mom, do coyotes and snakes live in the wash?

Me: Probably. It might be their home.

S: Boy says if a coyote comes into my yard at night, I should call him right away.

M: Really? Why?

S: Because then he can bring over his gun and shoot the coyote.

M: Hmmmmm. (Actually, I was glad is was dark and Son couldn’t see the shocked look on my face.)

S: Yeah, he said you have to shoot him in the forefead (supposed to be forehead) to make sure they are dead.

M: What’s a forefead? (This is my attempt to buy myself some time so I can gather myself.)

S: You know, the forefead; right between the eyes. That’s where you have to shoot him.

M: Wow! (That’s what came out of my mouth. You can just imagine what is running through my mind.)

S: Yep, that’s what Boy told me.

As with most things, preschool included, you take the good with the bad.

I Need an Editor

Seriously. I am confirming some of your suspensions? That sounds like a serious personal problem. (See previous post) Yikes! I need someone to read these things before I submit them.

Twilight Confession

Apparently, I am a nerd. Some of you out there already knew this or maybe I am just confirming your suspensions. And now, I have a nerdy confession. I am a Twilight fan. I know, what is a 30 year old mother of two doing getting into a teen fiction?

A couple months ago, a friend gave me the first book. I knew very little about it, but she said it was good. I am not much of a fantasy reader. I’ve read the Harry Potter series as well as the Eragon series, but that’s it. So, I thought I’d give this a try. I had seen people, especially on Facebook, passing around pins with all sorts of stuff about vampires. Seriously, how good could a vampire book be?

REALLY GOOD! I flew through the series. I love the storyline and the complicated relationship between Bella and Edward. And, let’s face it Edward Cullen is a pretty appealing character. So, I patiently waited for the movie. I saw it opening night and absolutely loved it. Have the soundtrack – love it.

But don’t worry, I am sort of a closet Twilight fan. I don’t plan on wearing my, “I’m in love with a vampire,” t-shirt (outside of the house) and I won’t put that “Edward Cullen is the love of my life,” bumper sticker on the family car. I will listen to the soundtrack (a lot), possibly check some Twilight blogs for updated information about the next movie often (I know this one is super nerdy), and purchase this movie as soon as it out on DVD.

Thanks for humoring me with this post! Anyone else want to confess that they are a Twilight fan? How about you Miss Maggie? You are the one that started all this!!!

Questions to Ponder

Serious moral problem: Is it wrong to take Daughter to the post office armed with a McDonald’s toy that cries out loudly, “I like to move it, move it,” over and over to make sure the line moves quickly?

What is the downside of listening to Amy Grant’s Christmas cd over and over? (Husband swears that it can’t be good.)

If I stop cleaning the bathrooms, what will happen? How long would it take to make them uninhabitable?

Why is there always someone talking loudly when I am trying to write? I feel like a loud-talker magnet.

Why does the man in our neighborhood throw dog food over the side of his fence every morning to feed the birds? They don’t even have a dog.

Is it possible for Son and Daughter to ask everyday until Christmas if Santa is coming tonight? So far, for the month of December we are 3 for 3.

Why do people cut in line? (Another post office incident. I have to admit, for a while it was entertaining.)

And so, there it is. That’s what’s going on in my head this morning. (Actually, this was yesterday morning. It just takes me a while to get things up and running.)