Dear Blog, Sorry About the Neglect

I know, I have missed you too. There has just been so much going on.

Of course, none of it could be more important than you.

Yes, I do know that this was the first thing I did that lead me to my freelance writing career.

I know, I haven't said thank you lately. I would feel neglected to.

Would it help if I promised to write more often?

What? You want me to commit to a certain number of posts per week? That's a tough one.

Okay, okay. Don't leave and disappear into the never ending black hole that is the internet. I'll do it.

Pillsbury My Get Together

Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to host a Pillsbury My Get Together. We had some friends over and I was able to try out four new recipes using Pillsbury Crescents. For me, everything worked out perfectly. It was the perfect chance to catch up with friends that we hadn't seen in a while and I had a great time playing hostess.

One couple even went home with a Pillsbury kitchen mitt. I know, you are jealous, right? I would love to do something like this again. It gets everyone talking and we just had a great time.

Are you curious about what I made? Check out the four recipes that I made along with pictures of how they should look. FYI - These are not my pictures. Mine didn't turn out quite as perfectly, but they tasted good.

(Pillsbury Crescents provided me with the product and information through MyGetTogether. )