My Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition

My Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition

My Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition offers a great way for young girls to read the Bible and leave behind notes or thoughts in the margin. Written in the New International Version, the text is easier to understand that some of the other translations and the Bible is ideal for reading alone or even following along in a church or devotional setting.

My daughter, age 9, has used the Bible since the beginning of the month. She mentioned that normal Bibles often have covers that come across too “serious” or “boring,” But this cover made the book look interesting and something that a young girl would actually like to read. The ribbon bookmark and the band that keeps the Bible closed adds to the detailing that she liked.

The Journal Edition is completely appropriate for a girl, however, by simply modifying the front cover, it could work just as well for a boy. While there is room on the sides of the Bible text for journaling, the space is probably more applicable to an older girl - maybe middle school or high school. Even older elementary school aged girls often write a little larger, making it possible to make small notes but not really write an entire journal entry. My daughter also enjoyed the subheadings throughout the text, making it easier for her to find the exact passage that she was looking for.

Overall, My Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition would make a great gift for any young girl looking for a way to read the Bible and make notes along the way. It is something that looks appealing and, I think, makes the Bible a little more approachable for a younger generation.

This book was provided to me by Handlebar Publishing in exchange for my honest review.