Barnes and Noble Phobia

Okay, so you can look through other posts (I will try to come back later and link them) and see some of the issues I have encountered at Barnes and Noble. I don't want to think it is me. I show up, computer in hand, write like crazy and go home. However, it always seems that "those" people end up seated next to me.

As I am typing, I am sitting across from a couple who insists on talking loudly to each other about a magazine. The guy is reading all of the statistics aloud while the girl lets him know whether or not she thinks it is accurate. I guess it wouldn't be such a big deal if the magazine and the statistics were not about an inappropriate subject.

I am not a prude, however, I like to enjoy a drink and get a little work done. I came here to escape the distractions at home. And so, I walk out of that place and into another. It isn't that I mind the conversation. I think it is more about the volume and the opinions etc.

How do these people find me?