Metanx and Diabetic Neuropathy

For as long as I can remember my Grandma struggled with diabetes. As a child I didn’t realize all of the ways that this affected her life, but as I got older it became more apparent. Problems with her feet were one of the things that I remember. She always has on socks that couldn’t be too tight around her ankles. She walked so carefully and was at times unsteady as she put her foot to the ground.

A recent webinar shed more light on what she was struggling with and put a reason behind many of the things that I saw. The technical term is diabetic neuropathy and it is a chronic complication for many patients. When it starts out it isn’t necessarily a pain. The symptom is more a numbness and with lack of feeling comes the problem of being unsure when you put to the ground or even stepping on things that you can’t feel. It is these things that later cause all types of diabetics. I was surprised to hear the large number of people who end up as amputees because of this.

One of the biggest problems it seems is that patients aren’t mentioning the problem. They may not realize that it is a major concern or the change may be so gradual that they don’t think it merits bringing up. When things get worse and the symptom moves onto a painful feeling, there is a real problem. Also, doctors aren’t necessarily asking patients about this or checking their feet each and every time they come in for an appointment.

Aside from having their feet checked regularly diabetics now have an option to help manage the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. Metanx, a medical food regulated by the FDA, doesn’t just mask the issue. It works to address the underlying condition. When you aren’t suffering with numbness and eventually pain your quality of life is higher and you are able to prevent the common problems that many diabetics have.

If someone that you know is in the midst of struggling with diabetes, there are two important things to take away from this.

· Take your shoes off at every visit and talk to your doctor about any sensory loss or numbness that you feel.

· If you are already feeling these things, consider asking about Metanx and find out how it can help.

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Effective Treatment of Depression

I for one see the ads on television and assume that there are all types of options for patients suffering from depression. It seems like there are several different medications to take and even some additives that can make treatment more effective. What you don’t see are the studies showing that the treatment of depression is by far an uphill battle.

The first time someone walks into a doctor’s office looking for treatment for depression, the chances are only one in three that the situation will resolve. The next option is changing medications and supplements, searching for something that works. Again, the results aren’t impressive.

However, there is something that the body needs that can help with the depression and the way the body deals with serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. L-methylfolate makes more neurotransmitters, giving the body a better chance at changing the overall mood and dealing with the symptoms of depression. It comes in the form of Deplin. Patients have the chance to feel better sooner and get their lives back on track.

If you know someone that is or has struggled with depression in the past, you can see how it affects every aspect of their lives. They may have a hard time at home, at work, and even in their interactions with other people. Instead of giving patients hope, treatments in the past have been ineffective. However, with Deplin and L-methylfolate they have an opportunity to thrive once more.

In my own experience it is tough to see a friend struggle though depression and not be able to find the right medications. If something doesn’t work it is on to something else. All the while, this person still isn’t feeling better. Then, with a new medication new side effects arise. Another change is on the way. Instead of juggling through different medications it would be nice to have a go to prescription that works well and something additional, like Deplin, that would be able to fix things quickly.

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Neevo, Prenatal Care, and Folate

Most people have heard that folic acid is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Moms take prenatal vitamins looking to give their growing baby the best start possible. However, as with most things, progress and change is here and even prenatal vitamins are getting better and working to make things better for mom and baby. It isn’t so much about folic acid anymore. Now, the emphasis lies with folate.

What’s the difference? Folate is just what your body needs as it works through cell replication to create a child. When you take folic acid, your body takes time to process (5 different processes) in order to take advantage of the benefits. With the folate found in Neevo it is quickly made usable and the body can skip over some of the work. With this prenatal supplement, women are able to get more of what they need without all the work it previously entailed.

While this seems like a great idea for most women looking to conceive or already in the process, it is even more important for a certain percentage of the population. There are some women that run into complications when it comes to the process of changing folic acid into useable folate. In these cases, they may run into problems after conception that can even lead to the loss of pregnancy. These women would benefit from Neevo in that because their bodies struggle to make the change to usable folate, they can skip over this step completely and just get the benefits from the prenatal vitamins.

As with all medications of this type, it is important to talk to a physician and find out just how Neevo can work for you. Whether you have struggled with pregnancy in the past or you are a woman looking to conceive for the very first time, it is important to set the stage even weeks in advance to give your child the best possible advantage.

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Mild Cognitive Impairment and the Early Signs of Aging

I was able to attend a webinar early in the month to learn more about this topic and some of the solutions that are currently available to this portion of the population. It was interesting to learn not only how the brain works but also, how it changes over time.

Most people see getting older as something in the far distant future that has no effect on the life they lead today. In fact, some people are in denial as they see the aging process creep up beside them and begin to make changes to their day to day life and routine. Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is just one portion of getting older that can cause some anxiety. It is more than just forgetting where you put the keys or a person’s name that you only see every once in a while. This is the point when your life begins to be effected.

In the past, there haven’t always been a lot of options. A patient visits the physician and hesitates to say that there are some serious problems beginning to emerge with not only memory but also regular mental function. The physician is concerned that using a word like dementia or even Alzheimer’s will make the patient feel uncomfortable. Having a clear idea of just what MCI is means that everyone can easily be on the same page.

On the downside, one out of two MCI patients will develop Alzheimer’s. However there is an option for early intervention that can make a difference in quality of life for patients that have this potential in their future. CerefolinNAC can slow down the progression and give individuals more to look forward to. Receiving the diagnosis of MCI doesn’t mean that it is time to give up. It means that there is plenty of time left.

CerefloinNAC manages the metabolic imbalances within the body. Because it can be administered as a pill once a day or even through a feeding tube, it is considered to be a medicinal food and can only be given with a prescription. Typically medicines to treat issues of memory loss and dementia have had side effects that at times seem to wreak havoc on the body. Having virtually no side effects means that you don’t have to give up feeling good in order to slow down the signs of memory loss and poor cognition.

No matter what the health issue, it is important to be honest with your physician and create an environment for open and honest discussion to determine just what your options are. There is no need to have anxiety about how memory loss will affect you in the future. Ask your questions and find out if CerefolinNAC is right for you.

New Way to Keep Track of Chores

Now that the kids are getting a little older it is time for them to take on a little more responsibility. I considered letting them start working with the online bill pay for our bank and balancing our budget, but then reconsidered as it may be a little over their heads. (Son is going to be six next month and Daughter will be four on Saturday.)

So we started simple with bed making, trash dumping and a few other random things around the house. So we looked for a chore chart around town but it was tough to find something that fit our family and out specific needs. I started thinking: What if the kids wanted to change chores? What happens as they grow up? Do I really need one more piece of paper on the fridge?

When I came across, I knew I had found our solution. We were able to sit down with each of the kids and create a chart out of the pictures that they enjoyed. We could use the already set tasks or change them up with some of our own. For me, the best part was not having to print anything out. Sure the option is there, but because I am on the computer so much anyway, it is easy for us to sit down at the end of the night and check off how we did.

After a little exploration I found that the site isn't just a place to keep the kids straight. We have a family chart that keeps us staying within the budget, getting homework done with the kids and even a place to check of when the bathroom gets cleaned. I have yet to convince husband that this would be a great chore for him to take on.

So mommies, if you are out there and don't want any more paperwork floating around the house but need an easy way to teach the kiddos chores and responsibilities, this may be a great option for you.

Also, the best part . . .IT'S FREE! (And you know how I feel about free stuff!) I'd love to hear how it works out for any of you that try it!