Free Mother's Day gifts from the kids

Both Home Depot and Lowe's are offering workshops the next few Saturdays to help kids make their own Mother's Day gift. Kids can build a planter for mom. (A great idea!) You can never have too many homemade gifts from the kids.

Check out the details below . . .

Lowe's Build and Grow Mother's Day Gift
Home Depot Kid's Workshop - Mother's day Gift

Also, Home Depot offers all kinds of workshops for adults. Listed below is an article detailing the May 2010 class schedule.

Home Depot classes - May 2010
Dads, load up those kids and get them working on a project for mommy!

Ready for our own sitcom

It is official, we need our own tv show. Not only is the day to day life interesting - -to say the least, but Husband is now playing on the work bowling team. Seriously.

If the day ever comes when he is walking out of the house on a Wednesday night, bowling ball bag in hand, bowling shirt on, I am calling the network. We will have officially become a tv family.

If only we had a crazy neighbor . . . okay check
If only we had interesting friends . . okay check
If only we got ourselves into interesting siutations . . . okay check.

I guess we are ready. Now, to start shopping for a dog, Lassie or Rover perhaps.

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