Barnes and Noble phobia story #375

Okay, I get it. I need to find a new place to write.

Typically, I don't blog about it while I am here, but I want to be sure to not leave out any of the details. So, here I am typing away, working on writing, and a guy sits down with his coffee. So far, fairly normal. But then, instead of sitting correctly in his seat, he sits out, facing all of the people in the center of the cafe. Again, not to weird.

Okay, how about the odd noises that he can't seem to stop making? How about the fact that he is taking his time staring at each one of the people at the tables working or talking. About 20 minutes ago, it was funny. I think I may have even chuckled aloud. And yet, here we are, much later, and it is still going on. Do you think these things would stop happening around me if I posted a little sign at my table that said, "Try not to do anything weird or out of the ordinary. I am a writer and I may be forced to blog about you."

Why am I not leaving you ask? Easy. There is free wi-fi here.

I am thinking about starting another blog and just calling it, "Barnes and Noble: Is it just me?"


Joyce said...

Mc Donalds now has free Wifi! LOL you can now go there and see how many freaks you can meet.

Gina Carroll said...

HI new friend, I am now following you via MBC.