Ready for our own sitcom

It is official, we need our own tv show. Not only is the day to day life interesting - -to say the least, but Husband is now playing on the work bowling team. Seriously.

If the day ever comes when he is walking out of the house on a Wednesday night, bowling ball bag in hand, bowling shirt on, I am calling the network. We will have officially become a tv family.

If only we had a crazy neighbor . . . okay check
If only we had interesting friends . . okay check
If only we got ourselves into interesting siutations . . . okay check.

I guess we are ready. Now, to start shopping for a dog, Lassie or Rover perhaps.

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missmaggie said...

Can I please be the interestimg friend? Maybe then I can get my own spin-off. LOL.
I can see you now vacuuming in your high heels and pearls. It will be perfect!! :)