Neevo, Prenatal Care, and Folate

Most people have heard that folic acid is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Moms take prenatal vitamins looking to give their growing baby the best start possible. However, as with most things, progress and change is here and even prenatal vitamins are getting better and working to make things better for mom and baby. It isn’t so much about folic acid anymore. Now, the emphasis lies with folate.

What’s the difference? Folate is just what your body needs as it works through cell replication to create a child. When you take folic acid, your body takes time to process (5 different processes) in order to take advantage of the benefits. With the folate found in Neevo it is quickly made usable and the body can skip over some of the work. With this prenatal supplement, women are able to get more of what they need without all the work it previously entailed.

While this seems like a great idea for most women looking to conceive or already in the process, it is even more important for a certain percentage of the population. There are some women that run into complications when it comes to the process of changing folic acid into useable folate. In these cases, they may run into problems after conception that can even lead to the loss of pregnancy. These women would benefit from Neevo in that because their bodies struggle to make the change to usable folate, they can skip over this step completely and just get the benefits from the prenatal vitamins.

As with all medications of this type, it is important to talk to a physician and find out just how Neevo can work for you. Whether you have struggled with pregnancy in the past or you are a woman looking to conceive for the very first time, it is important to set the stage even weeks in advance to give your child the best possible advantage.

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Susan said...

Hi, I work with NeevoDHA. Thanks for spreading the word on Neevo and l-methylfolate.