A Review of the Kids’ Visual Study Bible (NIV)

Getting kids to read the Bible isn’t an easy task. In reality, it isn’t something that grown ups are great either. But today, there are lots of ways to make the information provided in the Bible more accessible to kids. Without losing sight of the message and the main points, the Kids’ Visual Study Bible brings together great pictures, great information, and great explanations to enhance what readers will get out of the Bible.

The main text is the New International Version of the Bible, one of the easiest to understand and enjoy. But the Kids’ Visual Study Bible takes things one step further by extending the information on each and every page. Sometimes a picture will add to the prose while other times a list of events will help to put the chapter into perspective. This is a great way for readers from a wide range of ages to take advantage of the learning opportunity that the Bible provides.

Once kids are old enough to read through the chapters and verses of the Bible with at least some understanding, they are ready for this book. The notes on the sides of the pages are easy to understand and can help some of the more difficult concepts, including things like parables, make sense. To be honest, as an adult, I liked reading through the pages and then taking in the different points that were presented in the margins. Even the explanation of prophecies that took place in the Old Testament with links to how they were fulfilled in the New Testament were helpful and insightful.

It’s not easy to find a kids’ Bible. Trust me; I’ve looked. This is one that I believe will last a child for several years. It’s still possible to search by book, chapter and verse, but there is more than just the text available to the reader that wants to learn and understand the Bible.

I received a copy of this Bible in exchange for my honest review.

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