So I had an interesting idea . .

One of the things I miss most about teaching is the opportunity to set a goal and see it accomplished. It’s a great feeling to see a group of seventh graders (who could not care less about the American Revolution) be inspired to create a classroom revolt against their peers because of being taxed (their M&Ms were taken away) and weren’t represented (they didn’t get to say who ate the M&Ms).

Don’t get me wrong, being a full time parent has it share of goals and accomplishments but many times you can’t see the fruits of your labor for a long time. For example, Son’s potty training – I thought it would be the death of me, but it was accomplished, eventually. P.S. Daughter was about 10 times easier!!

Sometimes I forget that just like the old job, I can still set goals and work to achieve them. Success is a great feeling. So, I am sure that you are expecting me to announce some earth shattering goal that will change our family and the way we view the world forever. A little over dramatic don’t you think?

Instead, I picked something that I thought would interest me (and maybe others), that would be easy to keep track of, and would have a set time limit so I can see success (or failure, I guess). I’m choosing to try out a family experiment/project that deals with several areas in our life: food, budgeting, couponing, and space in our home. Details to follow.

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