Daughter and the Tights

Not to be outdone by Son, Daughter made life interesting yesterday morning. The monitor is in her room, so we heard her wake up and talk a little. This is her normal morning routine. Because she is doing so well with potty training, we usually rush right in so she can go to the bathroom first thing.

I'm not sure what was different yesterday. Husband and I listened to her talk and move around the room. So, I get ready for the shower and Husband goes to get her. A minute later, in walks Husband. As I ask him where Daughter is, in she walks.

She was wearing her favorite Dora pajamas (pants & top) but she had added a new accessory. She had pulled her pant legs up and tried to put on tights. Red tights. They had made it up to her knees and she was waddling along proudly proclaiming, "Tights! Tights!" It was too funny.

I decided to humor her and take of the pants and put on the tights. She hung around in those for a while and then, picked up her pants, put them on, on top of the tights, and went about her morning. I have no idea what the fascination with the tights was all about, but what a great way to start the morning; with a laugh.

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