Twilight Confession

Apparently, I am a nerd. Some of you out there already knew this or maybe I am just confirming your suspensions. And now, I have a nerdy confession. I am a Twilight fan. I know, what is a 30 year old mother of two doing getting into a teen fiction?

A couple months ago, a friend gave me the first book. I knew very little about it, but she said it was good. I am not much of a fantasy reader. I’ve read the Harry Potter series as well as the Eragon series, but that’s it. So, I thought I’d give this a try. I had seen people, especially on Facebook, passing around pins with all sorts of stuff about vampires. Seriously, how good could a vampire book be?

REALLY GOOD! I flew through the series. I love the storyline and the complicated relationship between Bella and Edward. And, let’s face it Edward Cullen is a pretty appealing character. So, I patiently waited for the movie. I saw it opening night and absolutely loved it. Have the soundtrack – love it.

But don’t worry, I am sort of a closet Twilight fan. I don’t plan on wearing my, “I’m in love with a vampire,” t-shirt (outside of the house) and I won’t put that “Edward Cullen is the love of my life,” bumper sticker on the family car. I will listen to the soundtrack (a lot), possibly check some Twilight blogs for updated information about the next movie often (I know this one is super nerdy), and purchase this movie as soon as it out on DVD.

Thanks for humoring me with this post! Anyone else want to confess that they are a Twilight fan? How about you Miss Maggie? You are the one that started all this!!!


Escapades of a zonie in Pa said...

I'm not ashamed to admitt I love Twilight!! lol

missmaggie said...

I admit I am responsible for getting you hooked! I am a HUGE fan and I am not afraid to admit it!!