The Fruits of Preschool

I knew putting Son into preschool would be interesting. One of the main reason we put him in preschool was to provide more opportunities for social interaction with other children his age. Here’s an example of what he is learning from these “social interactions.” Boy = the kid in his class that he mentions.

Tonight I took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights. The following conversation ensued:

Son: Mom, do coyotes and snakes live in the wash?

Me: Probably. It might be their home.

S: Boy says if a coyote comes into my yard at night, I should call him right away.

M: Really? Why?

S: Because then he can bring over his gun and shoot the coyote.

M: Hmmmmm. (Actually, I was glad is was dark and Son couldn’t see the shocked look on my face.)

S: Yeah, he said you have to shoot him in the forefead (supposed to be forehead) to make sure they are dead.

M: What’s a forefead? (This is my attempt to buy myself some time so I can gather myself.)

S: You know, the forefead; right between the eyes. That’s where you have to shoot him.

M: Wow! (That’s what came out of my mouth. You can just imagine what is running through my mind.)

S: Yep, that’s what Boy told me.

As with most things, preschool included, you take the good with the bad.


missmaggie said...

That is freakin' hilarious!!

Joyce said...

That sounds like my son could be the boy. Some boys are just obsessed with guns and shooting. You shouldn't be so shocked.....I think the kissing on the lips thing is more shocking.