I couldn’t help myself

Have you ever done something that you know is wrong, but you just can’t help yourself? I know what you are thinking: Here comes a juicy confession. Not really, just an interesting story.

I had to meet Husband at the human resources department of his previous job to fill out some paperwork. I got there a little early and waited in the car for him. The weather was nice, so I rolled the window down about halfway, turned the engine off, and just enjoyed a nice quiet moment.

This all came to an abrupt end as two people began a heated conversation right in front of the car. I tried to distract myself. It was awkward to just sit there and be in the middle of something like that. I started to clean out my purse, but the more of the conversation I heard, the less I wanted to distract myself. And so, I eavesdropped. That’s right, I put my purse aside and became the “fly on the wall.”

I have to admit, it went from awkward to interesting. I had met these people before; they were Husband's co-workers. I knew the people they were talking about. I took it all in, until Husband pulled up in his truck beside me. I was hesitant to give up on the conversation. I thought for sure as soon as they saw us, they would quiet down and drop the argument to say hello.

Nope, they kept at it. We walked into the building and closed the door and to my delight, we could still hear them yelling. I quickly took the seat closest to the door and continued listening. I chuckled aloud a few times Husband gave me “that look.” You know the one that reminds you that you are being a little too obvious. As we finished, I saw the two individuals leaving in separate cars and I could tell that the argument did not end well.

What is about situations like that? You know it’s wrong to listen, but it is just so interesting! Please tell me I am not the only person that would have listened in.


missmaggie said...

You know me well enough to know that I would TOTALLY have listened in. :)

LittlePeopleWealth said...

If they are arguing in public then it is their own fault that people listen!