Questions to Ponder

Serious moral problem: Is it wrong to take Daughter to the post office armed with a McDonald’s toy that cries out loudly, “I like to move it, move it,” over and over to make sure the line moves quickly?

What is the downside of listening to Amy Grant’s Christmas cd over and over? (Husband swears that it can’t be good.)

If I stop cleaning the bathrooms, what will happen? How long would it take to make them uninhabitable?

Why is there always someone talking loudly when I am trying to write? I feel like a loud-talker magnet.

Why does the man in our neighborhood throw dog food over the side of his fence every morning to feed the birds? They don’t even have a dog.

Is it possible for Son and Daughter to ask everyday until Christmas if Santa is coming tonight? So far, for the month of December we are 3 for 3.

Why do people cut in line? (Another post office incident. I have to admit, for a while it was entertaining.)

And so, there it is. That’s what’s going on in my head this morning. (Actually, this was yesterday morning. It just takes me a while to get things up and running.)

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