Back In The Saddle Again

Today I was daydreaming about my perfect job. I would be able to spend time reading and reviewing new books. I would write in my blog and include they hysterical things that happen during the day instead of being lazy and just posting them to Facebook. I would be able to work on my ebooks and have at least one published by the end of May.

In an ideal world, right . . .

Then I realized. This is my life. I do get to spend time reading new books and reviewing them. ( I currently have 5 loaded onto the Nook that I need to read and review.) I can write for the blog and keep it up to date. I can even spend time writing the books!!!

It has completely changed my perspective. At my fingertips I have the tools to make all of this happen. Now, I just need to get things moving in the right direction.

So to keep myself motivated, I am posting the picture I have on my desk for a source of inspiration. This is a small house on Coronado Island. When I was young and naive I made a promise to B that  after publishing my first book, we would buy a tiny little house on the island and retire. We'll see how that turns out but for now, I am back in the saddle again.

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