Progress With Zumba

So have I totally met all of my goals? No.
Have I tried really hard? Yes.

So to prove how hard I have been working - here are some of the important things I have taken care of over the past week:

  • Went to Kohl's; purchased new workout clothes (You can't expect me to wear last year's yoga pants to workout in the comfort of my own home.)
  • Perfected my workout drink (Crystal Light Lemonade, Tea, and Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup)
  • Total Calories burned on these activities: No idea.

Okay, I did more. I tested out  Zumba Fitness 2. Last week I just tried the low intensity songs one at a time. I was up to three songs and was pretty impressed with myself. Then, a friend asked if I had gone through a full class yet. 

And so this morning, with the Wii remote strapped to my side, I finished my very first, low-intensity, short class. The fact that I am still able to type means I survived (just barely). 

Things I have learned thus far:
  • The workout clothes are not making it any easy to get through the Wii Zumba class. However, I do feel a little better about wearing them.
  • If you do not have any type of rhythm, you can fake it. (I got the Zumba Master award today and there was  no way I was keeping up with all the beats.)
  • My kids are going to hold me accountable. When I skipped the other day, both Son and Daughter made it a point to ask why I was not doing Zumba. Who knew that a six and four year old would be my accountability partners?
So my goals are pretty much the same for this upcoming week. Even if I have not lost any weight or I don't feel anymore fit, if I am still standing and able to move, I will be happy. 

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