Saving Money on Entertainment: Free Movie Rentals

Renting movies is the perfect form of entertainment. You can watch in you pajamas, you can pause it when you need to refill our drink or go to the bathroom, and if you didn’t understand something or missed an important part, you just rewind. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, you don’t need a babysitter, and it’s cheaper than a movie theater.

But now, you won’t even have to settle for cheap, you can go all the way to free. Here’s the deal on free movie rentals:


Redbox movie stations (here in Tucson) are located in Walmarts. Go to to find a location near you. They will be easy to spot. They are large red boxes. (I know, amazing!!) Beside the box is usually a display with current movies that are available and movies that are coming out soon. Trust me, when you walk in, you can’t miss it.

Each movie rental costs $1.00, including new releases, provided that it is returned to the Redbox by 9pm the following evening. In order to rent, you need to swipe a credit or debit card.

The experience is even more convenient when you find out that you can return the movie to any Redbox, not just the one you rented from. This is one of my favorite aspects of Redbox. If we are on the way home from somewhere, we can stop and rent a movie and then return it closer to the house the next day.

But the best part about renting from Redbox is the opportunity to rent movies for free. Once you have selected a movie, the screen will have a place to press “Enter a Promo Code” at the bottom of the screen. You can enter a promo code and provided that you return the movie on time the next day, you will receive the movie for free.

You can find promo codes at This site gives updated news on Redbox and a list of codes and when they were last used. You can use each code once per card. Ever Monday and Wednesday you can go to the site and find a different code only good for the day.


You can also rent from DVDPlay. These boxes are green and can be found in Safeway stores. For specific locations, go to I am not sure of the exact cost of a movie through DVDPlay, but on the home page, you can get a few codes for 87 cent rentals. Just like Redbox, you can go to to have access to numerous free movie promo codes.

** I currently have a free Redbox code sent to my phone every Monday and Wednesday. I will try to start posting them to save you some time. If you want to get a super early start, go to a Redbox and try the code DVDONME.

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Anonymous said...

I have used Redbox for a few movie nights in with the wife and I can say I think this is a great service. I can pick it up at Walmart And drop it off at Circle K. I would love to get some free codes. free entertainment, what could be better?