Home Office: Before and After Photos

Here is the before photo: (I know, what a mess!)

And, the after photo:

I still have a lot of stuff on my desk, but at least now, everything has a place.

And now, back to the laundry!!


Anonymous said...

You're office looks great! Despite wanting to go spend the day with friends (since they were off for Labor Day), I stayed home and organized some closets and drawers. I'm catching up to you in MomsTown. Here's what I've accomplished, or not, from week two.

1. I've had to say "no" a lot with my new position at work.

2. I haven't been saying my mantra but I do still remember what it is, which is a step in the right direction.

3. "M" is such a supportive and understanding husband that I rarely feel frustrated and never feel underappreciated.

4. Thank God.

5. Can't make that step yet. "M" and I go through too much to save a penny, so to throw away perfectly good food is a waste. We have been grilling lean meats and veggies almost every night since he got his gas grill for Father's Day. That's got to count for something. :)

6. I boxed up all of the maternity clothes that for some reason have been taking up far too much space in two of my closets. I also have a pair of maternity sweats that I still wear from time to time, and those too have been banished.

7. Next week. Yeah! Do highlights cover the gray?

8. Working a few hours a week has forced me to dress nice for the sake of looking professional. It's a good balance from jeans and tees during the week.

9. Where do I begin?

10. I've spent the past 3 Saturdays with my best girl friends - good times. :)

Anonymous said...

Week 3:

1. I need to find a good organizer. Any suggestions.

2. My hot iron needs to be making it to the gym. I have a membership to Curves. It's one half hour for goodness sakes. I should have no excuses.

3. Schedule for life? What a great idea. You would think as a former teacher and a current administrator that I would know how to create and stick to a schedule. Isn't flying by the seat of your pants a schedule somewhere?

4. I cleaned our office about a month ago, and it has stayed that way...amazing.

5. I have a hard enough time taking out my contacts every night, but I'm determined to try this.

6. Too bad "G" is only 3 months old. The help I enlist her with is doing tummy time while I use the restroom. :)

7. My spice rack.

This Real Mommy said...

Okay, you are totally on top of it! I am so impressed!

I totally skipped the step about cleaning out the pantry too. I hate to just toss stuff out. I keep telling myself that if I eat some of the stuff in there that isn't all that great for me, I can make it up by doing some active thing. (We'll see how it goes) :)

It is so hard to keep up with everything. I'm struggling with that "night before" routine. Sometimes just feeding everyone, sort of cleaning it up, getting baths, a story, prayers and bedtimes seems like a giant task! It's a lot harder when Husband works late.

It's funny that you mention your spice rack. I have a little cabinet that I have all my spices in and lots of other odds and ends. There is even some medicine in there. That is something I have to work on too. I'm thinking taking pictures of all of this may keep me accountable.