Week Five: Mommy Einstein - From Mush to Matter

Yipee! I loved this chapter. I actually felt like there were some things that I was doing well with. This was especially nice considering that last week was all about exercise and working on our bodies and that is so not my forte. (By the way, I did get to walk three times last week and I have three walks scheduled – yes scheduled this week. To make it even better, I am walking at 5:30 am, so I will be up early and ready to face the day.) I have also been working on having a positive attitude about things. Can you tell?

I have a lot of journal writing to complete this week and the book provides a great sense of direction. I think the prompts given will help me think about things that are important to me and my mental well-being and how to incorporate those things into my life.

In order to aid my analysis of this chapter and where I fit in, I made a list of things I do well and those things I need to work on. I think it was helpful to have a clear picture that encouraged me and kept me accountable with a direction for improvements. So, here goes:

Things I’m Doing Well

1. The Awareness Thing. So far, so good. I leave the kids with others to take time out for myself (and time with Husband). I give the kids space to fall down, play sports, etc.
2. I recently joined a Mom’s group. (Don’t be too impressed. I attended with a friend so I would at least know one person.)
3. I get the newspaper daily and one “current events” magazine weekly.
4. I have a library card and I love checking out books for myself. I usually try to have one fiction book and one “other” book going at all times. Lately, that “other” book has been MomsTown or a parenting book. (I am a fan of ANYTHING by Dr. Kevin Leman)

Things I Need to Work On
1. I need to not feel bad when I say I am a SAHM in a social setting. I still participate and enjoy parties, etc. but I should be less worried about what people think about me being a stay at home mom. I need to be more confident.
2. I need to be more outgoing when I meet new people.
3. See number three above. I rarely read the paper (I just get the coupons out) and I don’t take the time to read all of the magazine articles. Just some here and there.
4. I need to improve my vocabulary. Check out
Word of the Day Blog
. I just subscribed so that I would at least see one new word per day.

Let me know how things are going with you . .

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The Real Mommy's Mom said...

Wow, Relax, enjoy life and take time to smell the roses. The best time of my life was when I was a Domestic Engineer and had 3 beatiful, full of life children that drove me crazy. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. The Real Mommy's Mom.

PS I am so proud of you!