Wednesday's Hot Iron Task

Today, I want to try to have two "hot iron" tasks. I am trying to make up the laundry deal.

And so, today I am going to clean the bathrooms. (The worst job in the entire world - haha) This is extra fun considering that Son has been trying to play race cars as he pees. He makes the sounds and everything and apparently the inside of the toilet is the race track. You can just imagine how much actually ends up in the potty and how much ends up outside of the track.

Also, I want to put together a package for Pops. Pops is my grandfather who lives way on the other side of the country. Tons of artwork is coming home from preschool and I am sure that he would love to have some for his fridge. I would like to get a card in there too.

I'll let you know how it goes. Anyone else doing something super exciting for their hot iron task?


missmaggie said...

I am working, does that count? I also am going to study. I guess it would help if I knew what a hot iron task was but since I am not part of the mommy club... :)

Anonymous said...

Did you finish your laundry?

This Real Mommy said...

I did! Next week, I want to get it done all in one day.

Joyce said...

My hot iron task was to get all my cakes decorated today. Whoohoo. I am done and the kitchen is clean again.