The Barnes and Noble Starbucks – Not a “Real” Starbucks

While this has no real bearing on life, I thought it was pretty interesting. About two weeks ago, I went into Starbucks to pick up, you guessed it; a Chai tea. The girl at the register ruins my day as she says words that I dread hearing.

Starbucks Worker: We are all out of Chai.

Me: What a national emergency! How could this happen? Who is responsible for this lack of planning? I know I have been cutting back on Chai tea, but seriously, this is an epidemic. (Just kidding, but I was thinking all of that.)

Me: (Really) No problem. I will just head to the one down the street.

As I turn to go,

Starbucks Worker: Actually, they are all out too.

Me: NOOOOOOOOO! (with much wailing and screaming) (Okay, maybe not, but can’t you just picture it?)

Me: (Really) Bummer. Do you know if the Barnes and Noble Starbucks is out of Chai as well?

Starbucks Worker: (with a serious look of disgust on her face) I have no idea. We didn’t call them. They aren’t a real Starbucks.

I wanted so badly to ask if they were just a “pretend” Starbucks, but I was fearful of having one of those moments where I am the only person laughing aloud about something that I said. You know, an “I crack myself up moment.”

Interesting isn’t it? I wasn’t really sure what to think about this interaction. I never really thought of the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble as inferior or any less that the others. How ironic, that even corporations have people with this type of attitude.

We run into people like this all the time. Here’s the irony. That night, the Barnes and Noble Starbucks received $4.08 from my checking account and the other store did not. Who was the “better” Starbucks, the “real” Starbucks?

Not trying to change the world with this one, just something interesting to think about. I guess I should have started this one out with . .

And now, Deep Thought, by ThisRealMommy.

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Joyce said...

Um I don't know.. the BnN Starbucks does not carry Diet Soda :Gasp: I am not sure if I like starbucks at all now that they have treated us this way. :)