Solutions to the Cutbacks: Husband's Help

No, getting rid of a husband doesn't really help. (Especially if he is the bread-winner. Just had a funny story to share.

On the way to preschool this morning, I ask Husband if he has an ideas on cutbacks and something that I can write about as an alternative. He looks like he is thinking really hard about it. Then, his face lights up and he says, "I've got it!"

I'm thinking he just came up with a brilliant idea. I eagerly await his idea, only to hear this: "How about to save money on food, be sure that you are friends with someone who owns a restaurant and likes you a lot?"

Ah, to see the world through his eyes. He then proceeded to "crack himself up."

On another note, Husband had wonderful customers that used to own a restaurant here in town. It was hands down our favorite restaurant. Nona called yesterday and asked Husband to come by. When he did, she handed him a TON of food. Homemade baked ziti, tortellini alfredo (that one was especially for me) and dressings for a salad.

So thanks Nona and Papi!


missmaggie said...

Where have you been? Your fans are anxiously awaiting your return to your blog. :)

missmaggie said...

I think I was promised new entries about 2 days ago. Where are they? Also, you didn't even respond to my awesome poem written especially for you. :)