Solutions to the Cutbacks: Manicures

Everywhere I look, people are cutting back. I have read tons of blogs recently about curtailing spending, saving more, and living a little more within our means. I love reading about this stuff because much like other people, we are doing the same.

My frustration comes from reading about many suggestions of things to cut without any alternatives offered to compensate for what is gone. As a mom, I feel like I am always the first to give something up. (I know, just let me have my pity party moment. (pause and a sigh) Okay, it’s over.) It’s hard to explain exactly what I mean, so let me give an example.

Obviously, Starbucks Chai tea is pretty important to me. Instead of giving up Chai tea completely, I have found an alternative. I can make Chai teas at home. Granted, there is some cost involved in making them at home, but I am not forced to give them up completely.

And so, I am on a mission to come up with some alternatives to things I am giving up or cutting back on. I would love your help on this one, and so any ideas that you have would be welcome!

Today’s cutback: Manicures
Today’s solution: Incoco Dry Nail Applique

Crazy name; super cool product. I found them at Walgreens and of course, there was a coupon right in front of the display. ($1.00 off) They are about 5.99, but compared to a manicure ($25-$30) they are a great deal.

How It Works:
You peel the backing off the color (or in my case, the white tip of the French manicure). It sticks to your fingernail like a sticker, but with the heat of your hand, it molds to the shape of your fingernail and looks exactly like you just polished them. Then, you put a clear coat on the top and you are set to go.

Saves Money
Can be done anytime (no more appointments)
Takes much less time
Can be paid for with Register Rewards from Walgreens

Still cost money
I was a little off on my first attempt, so I am currently walking around with a semi-crooked French manicure
Color selection (I am not ready to try the gold or silver glitter color)

For me, this is so worth it! I’m typically more of a pedicure girl, but having cute looking fingernails is nice for a change.

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