Big Surprise

A big milestone is headed my way at the beginning of next month. A birthday. A big one. And, as it turns out, and interesting one!

A surprise is headed my way. You see, on Thursday night, my sister will head over to my house and pick up Son and Daughter. They will be staying at her house and at Grandma and Grandpa’s house FOR THE WEEKEND. Then, Friday morning, I am getting up early. My bags will be packed (and not by me) and we are headed out the door; Just Husband and I.

Where are we going, you ask? Good question. Honestly, I have no idea. What a birthday surprise! I know that we will be headed to the airport. I know that I am bringing a swimsuit, two dressy evening outfits, and otherwise vacation clothes. I know that it will be warm where we are headed. I know that we return home late in the evening on Sunday night.

I was not meant to know as much as I do about this, but I can be persistent. And so, I see a mystery in my future. I can’t believe it. While the kids have stayed at my sister’s or their grandparents’ house for a night, this will be the first weekend. I am so excited for them as well. We are so blessed to have this kind of family! My kids will be on their own vacation, staying up late, watching the movie Cars and probably having all types of special treats.

What is the best part of this surprise? I know the trip and the quality time with Husband is going to be awesome, but I think the best part is looking around and seeing my family and how much they care about me. To be willing to take on all that is going with this trip and the kids and the packing (they are packing the kids too!) and keep everything hush, hush is absolutely amazing. I am so blessed.

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