A Great Opportunity at CVS

This week is a great time to begin shopping at CVS! Check out these posts to get you started:

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If you have not started shopping at CVS, this week provides a great opportunity for you to begin! You can get (1) 4x6, 10 page hardcover, Photo book for $3.99 (reg. 5.99-7.99) This is a great deal, but it gets better. After creating the book and paying for it, you will receive $3.99 in ECB, essentially making the book free.

You can also create (2) 6x8, 10 page, hardcover Photo books for $7.99 (reg. 12.99) and receive $7.99 back in ECB for each book.

These books make great gifts and also create an innovative way to display and keep photos. You can find direction in the ad or you can always get help from someone in the photo lab.

Good luck!!!


Heather Fiello said...

Are ECBs cash value that can be used in the store for other items? Are the ECBs that you will earn with each purchase listed in the ad? Is that what you used that time when you got all that free shampoo and conditioner?

Angela said...

Yes, ECB is just like money that you can only use at CVS. You can't use it for certain things life gift cards, tobacco, alch., stamps, etc. But for most everyday purchases.

One thing you want to keep in mind - it expires in 30 days, so you want to use it or "roll" it by then.