YRG Yoga for Regular Guys

(I guess this is a little like a product review, but also a way to let you know what is going on with me and something new that I am tryingJ)

I am not a yoga person at all. The thought of doing it makes me laugh and I have to admit, I make fun of it - - often. I can appreciate what it does for you and the flexibility etc., but the thought of all the new age type stuff that goes with it is the real turn off.

Husband went to a meeting at work the other day and was told they would be doing yoga. You should have heard our conversations leading up to the meeting. We were not only making fun, but really looking at it as a waste of time. When Husband came home that night, I was eager to hear about how things went, expecting him to tell a few jokes and make light of the whole experience. Instead, he came home with a whole new perspective on yoga.

The leader for the meeting was Diamond Dallas Page a 3 time World Champion Wrestler. He talked about his experience with yoga and how his DVD and program are different from regular yoga. He lead the group in one of his yoga workouts. Husband really enjoyed it, felt like he had really worked out, and thought I would enjoy it as well. He came home with the DVD.

I was skeptical, but it was interesting to hear what Husband had to say about it. Could he really be talking this positively about yoga? I had to see for myself. We went through the 20-minute workout together and I was so impressed. It was not like any other yoga that I had seen or done before. Each pose is associated with something familiar and the explanations are easy to understand.

The best part - - its just working out. You don’t need any equipment, it takes 20 minutes and you are done. There are two other DVDs that are included, but I have yet to brave them. One is a Fat Burner DVD – 40 minutes and the other is the Fat Burner Plus – 60 minutes (I think). I have yet to venture out to try these two but my sister said they were great.

And so, I have set another goal. I have done it a few times so far and I want to try to incorporate it into my weekly schedule, eventually building up to the next two dvds. Husband is on board to do this with me and tonight, my mom and sister joined me. I guess its fun for the whole family. I am struggling with the balance part. (I keep falling over J)

You can check out the website at http://www.yrgworkout.com/

You have to see the story on Arthur Bowman. You can see his picture in the first row of pictures all the way to the right. What you really want to watch is the video entitled “YRG Helps Disabled Veteran Walk Again.” Impressive!

I will keep you up to date on the progress. So far, so good.

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Heather Fiello said...

Martin and I did yoga every morning before I got pregnant. We were less stressed and more energized. We need to get back into it. Yoga for Stress Relief is a great DVD; you pick your level and the time that you want to spend. Another one with great results that incorporates yoga with cardio and toning is Yoga Booty Ballet.