Not Your Everyday Author

Ted Dekker. You have to discover for yourself. He is not for everyone.

I try to always have a fiction book and a non-fiction book going at all times. (A little weird, I know, but helpful. They both serve different purposes.) I had read a few of Dekker’s books a while ago and was impressed. I found him through Frank Peretti – another “Not Your Everyday Author.” More on him another day . . .

I was out of fiction to read at home and this means looking for something at the library. I pulled up the online catalog and ended up entering his name to see what was new. As it turns out, I am pretty far behind. He has quite a few books out that I hadn't read. I ended up choosing two: Skin and Adam.

His books are interesting. They are unlike traditional religious fiction in that usually those stories end with everything tied up neatly in a bow. The main characters become aware of the state of their souls and quickly turn toward God. There is nothing left to question at the end.

Dekker’s books leave you questioning your own soul. He directs his reader to look at the world around them in a different way. Things that happen are almost always unexplainable, unusual, and undone. The book may end, but you can’t help but continue the analysis. Often, the story is disturbing.

“Why would I wan to read a book like that?” you ask. He will keep you sharp, keep you guessing, keep you thinking. You will read one and maybe take a break for a book or two and then come back. If you are looking for something different Dekker is not your everyday author.

Books I Have Read:
(The first three are part of The Martyr’s Song Series )
Heaven’s Wager
When Heaven Weeps
Thunder of Heaven
House (with Frank Peretti)

Books I Am Looking to Read:
(These first three are part of a series and meant to be read in order. They are complicated. I have started Black. It takes a little getting used to. I love a challenge.)
Blink (also published as Blink of an Eye)
A Man Called Blessed (with Bill Bright)
Sinner (to be released September 2008)

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