Some Helpful Leads for Clothing the Little Ones

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Target & Walmart – clearance
The Children’s Place Outlet (@ Foothills Mall) – they are usually in the bins and it will take a while to look though all of them, but it’s worth it!


The Children’s Place Outlet (@ Foothills Mall) – there is always some type of sale going on! My favorite sale is the “99 cents sale.” There will be large sections of the store that are all marked 99 cents. Also, they usually have sale items with an additional % off. These can also be great deals! The clothes are always good quality and last us the entire season. They can be washed over and over and still look great.

Target – clearance – I always check in the clothes section and then I go over to the baby section. Lot’s of times, there are clothes just thrown on an endcap (especially when there are a large number of the same thing – like sweatpants, turtlenecks, shorts, t-shirts, or onsies.

Walmart – clearance – Usually all items are put together on one rack with the price clearly marked at the top. For the most part, these clothes hold up well to the washing, but I do find that they shrink a little more than others. (it could just be me J)

Old Navy – clearance- Another one of my favorites. There clearance sales are okay, but a couple times a year, they have to make room for new inventory and so they take an additional 50% off the clearance price. Son is still has clothes in the closet, with the tags still on them from this sale last winter. It will be quite some time before he needs jeans or khaki pants. How can you beat it for $2 and $3? Also, as an added bonus, many of the pants and shorts from Old Navy come with adjustable waistbands. Even if you child isn’t quite into a 3T, you can adjust the waistband until they fit correctly. (When I found clothes like this in the clearance section – I was the happiest mother alive!!)

Kohl’s – clearance – For me, this is hit or miss. Sometimes, I can find a ton of things; other times I can look around for a long time and come up empty handed.

Socks & Underwear:

I can usually find these on clearance at Target or Walmart. Remember, if they don’t have the size that you need right away, look to the future. Children grow and there is no getting around it!! They will eventually be whatever size you are looking at. Also, look ahead to potty training. Underwear were a pretty hot commodity in this house the past year!


Here’s another one of those things that kids are always going to need. If I find a GREAT sale on pajamas, I purchase them no matter what. They can be long sleeve, short sleeve, pants or shorts. There will always be some point in the year when the kids will need to wear that specific type of pajama. Stock up on these things. Again, the children tons of pajamas for the winter. Every time I found a great deal, I purchased them. These also can make great gifts for nieces, nephews and friends’ children because everyone can use them.


Fourth of July is coming up and both of the kids have new, patriotic outfits that cost next to nothing. Most of the places mentioned above clearance out their seasonal items the day after the holiday has passed. You can pick up some great finds then. (Or, if you are really brave, you can give it a couple of days or even a week or so. The longer the items are around, the more they will be marked down.

We do this for Halloween (we haven’t done it for costumes yet, we have a benefactor on that one who picks out the cutest costumes ever - - Thanks ACDC!!!) I do get them t-shirts or pants or pajamas. This year, Daughter will have a crazy pair of tights with pumpkins on them.
Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day are all great times to pick up some things for the kids. You can also find items that are not totally specific to the holiday that the kids can wear. (For example, Son has a super cute pair of shorts that look like the American Flag. While they were a from a Fourth of July sale, he can wear them anytime. Daughter has a cute dress made of red, white, and blue flowers that she can wear anytime.

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Childrens Place has good deals on PJ's and they also have a lot of adjustable waistband clothes.