Some other things to think about when it comes to the Walgreens

Can we take it one step further? How would you like to make money on your rebate? Obviously, what could be better?

When you use a coupon for a rebate item, you get to pay less for the item, but receive the full rebate for the item. Here’s an example from this month’s catalog to help you understand what I mean:

Nature Made RX Essentials Pack (30 or 60 pack) (rebate up to $9.99) There was a $1 coupon for this item in the paper on the following dates: April 20th and June 1st.

At the register, you will pay $8.99 + tax for this, but when you request your rebate you will receive $9.99

I realize this is not earth-shattering and you will not be able to retire early by making money through the Walgreens EasySaver rebate, however, there is always another way to look at things. For me, it is all about the Venti, non-fat, iced Chai at Starbucks. I just need four deals like this, and a Chai is paid for!!! I think this is a pretty slow month for Walgreens, so usually; there are many more opportunities to save or turn a small profit.

Store Coupons

Walgreens has been randomly been posting money saving coupons on the website. (If you all promise to start participating in these deals, I will start adding links to these coupons on the blog. – I am going to need some serious commitments in the comments section!!!) These coupons are usually something like $5 off a $25 purchase or $10 off $30.

Let’s look at how this would work for us: Let’s say that next month, if you were to purchase all of the free after rebate items it would cost you $30. Let’s add in some coupons and see what would happen. You have (3) $1 off coupons. So your total drops to $27. Then, you add a store coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. Your total drops to $22 dollars. And, the best part, you submit your rebate and you are refunded the money that the items were worth - - meaning your rebate is $30. You have “made” $8. Also, if you request a gift card, another $3 will be added, making the total rebate $33.

Register Rewards

This one is super special!! I have to admit, sometimes it is difficult to sit back and wait for a rebate to come or that gift card to be reloaded; so Walgreens has come up with a little instant gratification for you. Register Rewards (RR) print out of the machine beside the cash register. (For future reference – at the grocery store, they are called catalinas.)

RR can be used like cash at the Walgreens. They have some limitations, so after they print, you may want to read the fine print. Some say cannot be used with other RRs, some say they cannot be used on gift cards, and some say you cannot use them on stamps. Otherwise, they are good to go.

You earn RR by purchasing certain items of a certain number of items. You can always find out about these in the ads. You can use coupons and still get RR and they provide great opportunities to cut costs. Again, if I get some promises to check the blog and comment and start “Working Walgreens,” I will try to post some of the crazy deals that I am doing with RR.

You can “roll” your gift cards into RR and then turn around and use your RR to purchase the free after rebate items to then have the money added back to the gift card. Does that make sense? If not, read it very slowly and just imagine shopping and going through the motions.

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