Walgreens Diaper Deal

This deal came around a couple of weeks ago and I stocked up on diapers. This week, it is here again. So I thought I would share how it is working for us.

Walgreens’ brand jumbo packages of diapers are on sale this week for $5.99. There is a coupon in the EasySaver catalog. (Remember, these are usually at the front of the store by the ads and if you can’t find one, just ask someone! You don’t need to pull out the coupon. Just bring it up to the counter and they will scan it.) The coupon is $5 off the purchase of 2. Because you are purchasing three packages, the coupon ends up taking off $2.50 from each package. Let’s check out the math:

(3) packages of diapers @ $5.99 each = $17.97 minus the EasySaver coupon (-$7.50) = $11.47 (add some tax $1.10) and your total comes to $11.57

If this were the end of the deal, this wouldn’t be too bad for diapers. It comes to about $3.50 a package (before tax). But, the deal gets better. After you have paid, you will receive a Register Reward for $5 off your next purchase. This is like cash at Walgreens except that it has an expiration date and there are certain things you can’t buy with it.

So, what do we do with the Register Rewards? Remember, we want to try to “roll” the deals, creating the least amount of money out of pocket for these deals. You can’t “roll” this RR to purchase more diapers. So, here’s an idea:

If you look in the ad this week, there are some items that are on sale, making them free after the rebate. I purchased Crayola Doodle Markers ($2.00) and Pilot G2Pens ($1.00). I will submit my receipt online and receive $3.00 back in the form of a recharge on my gift card.

Also, there were a lot of school items on sale. My sister is a teacher and always needs items for her classroom. She also has a “treasure chest” as a reward system in her classroom. I scanned the ad and picked up many items that were on sale for 5 cents each including mini composition books, highlighters, etc.

My total came to a little over $5. I used my RR and paid very little. Then, I will take my receipt and enter it online for this month’s rebate. I will receive $3.00 back on my gift card. (Plus the 10% extra for choosing the gift card recharge.)

There are other free after rebate items this month, so I will probably go back, buy more diapers and then turn around and use the RR to purchase rebate items.

If you try this out, be sure and post in the comments about what you did and how it worked for you!


Moxymama said...

YOu really do need to write a book about this. It boggles the mind!

KarensKidCrafts said...

I went today, but didn't understand that the register takes the 2.50 off each package! I got the crayola markers and the g2 pens, I looked for the chair but my walgreens didn't have the right ones. I asked the manager of this store if I could use both months ES Booklets for the same thing. He said yes, it should scan without problem. That means that this Thurs and Fri we can get 3 packages of diapers for 5.99 each. So, 18 - (JulyES) 7.50 - (AugES) 7.50 - (RR) 5$ = an overage! I'm going to call around and see who has my kids sizes the night before!

KarensKidCrafts said...

how do you enter your receipt online?

Angela said...

You can go to Walgreens.com and enter your receipts there.