Conversation with Son in the Car

Me: “Stupid idiot! Why don’t you learn how to drive?” (said to man who cut me off and then slammed on the brakes)

Son: What did you say to the man Mommy?

Me: I just think he needs to learn how to drive.

Son: Why doesn’t he know how to drive?

Me: I guess no one ever taught him.

Son: Is it because he is stupid?

Me: Son, we don’t say stupid!

Son: But you just said the man was stupid.

Me: Oh.

Son: You should say you are sorry. That wasn’t very nice.

Me: Good idea.

(a short pause)

Son: You should tell him before he drives away.

Me: I’m sorry.

Lesson learned: Mommy needs to have music playing in the car at all times and learn to speak under her breath.


Joyce said...

I want to know how loud that "I'm sorry" really was? LOL that was too funny.

missmaggie said...

OMG!! I am peeing my pants. Too funny. Turn the music up for crying out loud!!