Resort Life

Resort life was awesome! We had such a great time! The time spent at the pool was wonderful! With both kids being able to swim, things were very easy.(I have been meaning to do a review of ISR, but just haven't got around to it yet.) We ordered a lot of room service and had a great time shopping at the mall. There is nothing better than to escape regular life and make time to just relax and recharge.

And so, I am back and ready to tackle the week. How is Momstown going? I'm looking forward to going over week two again. There was a lot of information and a lot to work on. I didn't get my article written (see last weeks goals) but I did find time with the kids to just enjoy the moment and enjoy being with them.

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Joyce said...

Hey I am done with Week 1. I went out and bought a small Journal. I am thinking that way it will be easier to write two pages. Then when I did write I ended up writing 3 - 4. I have a new mantra but it is evolving with every journal entry. I am not sure if it is suppose to change. I am ready for Week 2 when others are ready.