It’s Official: I am the Parent of a Preschooler

Apparently, I am missing a large chunk of time. You see, it feels like just yesterday, we brought Son home from the hospital. We drove 25 mph going home from the hospital that day because we wanted to be extra careful. I remember laying him down and thinking that his crib was enormous. The “Little Prince” was the beginning of an amazing life change for Husband and I.

And so today, he went to preschool. From the moment he woke up, he was ready to go; ready to meet his friends; ready to work in the centers; ready to play on the playground. Husband, Son, Daughter, and I walked hand in hand to the classroom. We had taken about 50 pictures this morning. I had to be sure to get every angle of the moment. He looked adorable in his button down shirt with his “big boy” Cars backpack.

We had kissed him goodbye, washed his hands, made sure he didn’t need to go potty. We were all set to leave. I took one last look at him and I had two thoughts: (This is pretty common for me in case you hadn’t noticed)

1. There goes our little man. That tiny little baby we held in our arms. He looks so grown up!

2. He is so smart and witty and I just know that all of the kids and teachers are just going to adore him!

I held my breath as started into the classroom. But he paused for a minute. With a huge smile across his face, he walked right up to the teacher, told her his name and then proceeded to ask, “Hey, are you my girlfriend?” Again, I had two thoughts:

1. I am going to kill Dad (Son’s PaPa) when I see him! (This week he asked Son about “girlfriends” and if he was planning to pick any up at school.

2. Whose kid is that?

And so, our journey begins. I can see many more moments like this in our future.


missmaggie said...

I can hardly believe he is in preschool already!! It seems like just yesterday I ran through the doors to the hospital barely able to contain my excitement to meet him for the first time. You've done such a great job with the little man and I am sure the teacher will have a great time telling everyone she knows about the kid that asked her on the first day if she was his girlfriend. You know we would. :)

Moxymama said...

I'm glad he enjoyed his first day.

This Real Mommy said...
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Heather Fiello said...
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Joyce said...

I was telling my sister in law this story. She thought it was so cute. She said she could see one of her kndergarteners doing the same thing. Kids are so funny.

missmaggie said...

Pardon me, but I am anxiously awaiting an update on how the little man is doing in school. He has been three more times since you last posted about it. I am sure he has done about a hundred brilliant things since then. Since he is a GENIUS!! :)