Momstown Week Two: The Gal Identity

My goals for the week:

1. Bed made every day

2. Journal at least three times (in the happy journal)

3. 10-15 minutes each day with the kids (individually if possible) and just realize how much I appreciate my time with them

4. Say no to an obligation

5. Grab a garbage bag and go through the closet and get rid of some stuff

6. Start an anti-clutter list

7. Do a fun activity (without the kids) that I haven’t done in the past two months (I am choosing to write and article for an online site.)

I know, pretty steep goals. There is a ton of stuff in the chapter this week. It took me a while to read over everything and digest it. It was interesting to take the quizzes again. I had marked my answers in the book from the last time I read it. (Son was about 6 months old, I think.) The good news is the some of the answers have changed for the better. The bad news – I have fallen back into some of the old habits.

There is no way that I am posting my scores on some of the tests. A couple of times, my answers surprised me. Again, the good news is that I have a goal and a direction that I need to go.

I hate to admit it, but I have a pair of workout pants that I love to wear. Not so bad right? Well, it is if you just want to wear with all the time when you are hanging out at home. And, it gets worse; they are maternity pants. There, I said it. I feel much better now. I think if they go in the trash tonight, I will be much better off and it will put me in the mindset to go into the closet and make some changes.

I already did the haircut thing yesterday. Cut and some color. It makes a big difference. Everyone should have a miracle worker like I have. I owe her a whole post!!

Anything interesting stand out to anyone else?

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