Momstown Week One: The Gal Starter Tools

So I read through chapter one and set some goals for myself.

1. Make the bed everyday before I leave the room in the morning. (I have been working on this one for about two weeks as I thought about staring this book again.)

2. Post on Friday or Saturday with an update on the goals and opinions on the chapter.

3. (Diary sounds kind of childish – so I just want to call it a journal) Write in the journal at least three times this week. I want to try to write either before the kids get up or after they have gone to bed.

4. Come up with a mantra. This one seems a little tough for me. I know that for it to work for me, it needs to be short, sweet, and to the point. It will be done by Friday or Saturday.

And so, it begins.

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Anonymous said...

Martin usually makes the bed, because frankly I hate it and admit that sometimes I have to ask, "Why make something that will only get messed up again anyway?" :) This morning when I started making the bed by first taking it apart, Martin came in to help. I asked him nicely not to, as I was doing something that needed to become a ritual for me. He laughed to find out that it required me to take the bed apart first, maybe because he wonders how long this will last.