Momstown Week Three: Getting Organized: Get Into the Flow

**I know this is a little early, but the kids are staying with Grandpa & Grandma, so I have to take advantage of the time**

So the first paragraph had my name all over it. I am someone who is always trying to get organized, but I never feel like I accomplish it. I have set aside Sunday as a day that I will spend time getting myself ready for the week.

I feel a little ahead of the game in that I already have a planner, I just need to add some things to it to make it a little more personal and user friendly. I love the idea of the HOT IRON task of the day. (I am so this person: “Often we try to do too much as moms and can fall into the trap of trying to do five things at once and not getting any of them finished.” P. 58) I am making it my goal this week to post my Hot Iron task at the beginning of the day (or the night before) and post whether or not it got done and how it went. Wish me luck on that one.

I am a little nervous about the running task list. I think if I sat down right now and began writing, I would have a million things on there. (Probably a small exaggeration.) By Sunday, I want to have a list of at least 5 things that I think are important.

What do you think about the idea of Mastering the Quarter Hour? This seemed perfect for the life of a mom. There are times when it feels like I only have about 15 minutes before the next event, task etc. begins. This could be something that will help me tremendously.

The idea of a home office made me laugh a little. I have a home office, but it looks like an area of our home that needs some help (think national disaster). I am trying to decide whether or not to post pictures of the craziness that it my home office. But with pictures up, that would provide some serious motivation to get it cleaned up and in better shape.

Which leads me to another idea . . . do I dare post pictures of some of the clutter areas with a goal of having some of them cleaned up by the end of the week? I can’t decide whether or not I am brave enough for this one.

The Night Before routine also seems like something that would make all the difference in the world. I’m excited to see where we end up at week’s end.

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Anonymous said...

Part of my organizational goals are to get all of my laundry done on Friday (or Thursday, depending on what day I schedule myself to go into work), and to get all of the ironing done on Saturday. This way, mornings during the week are less hectic. I also want to go through my closets and reorganize, although there's not much to do since I got it done before "G" was born - nesting is an interesting phase of pregnancy. Can't wait to see your office, even though I always thought that it looked organized.:)