The “D” Factor

I don’t believe in astrology. However, I am a Leo and Leos are real weirdos when it comes to their hair. If you can believe it, their whole day can be ruined by a bad hair day. On the flip side, a great haircut, great color, and a great style can make everything better. The world can seem brighter if there is no frizz!

And so, I believe that everyone (even if you aren’t a Leo) needs a “D.” She is a lifesaver. She is the person that you can turn to and lay all of your hair problems down. You can cry about them or laugh about them and either way, she has a plan.

When I was pregnant with Daughter, I was really struggling. Let’s face it, no one wants to look fat and waddle around. While maternity clothes have come along way, sometimes it takes all that you’ve got to walk out in those elastic waist pants and not think that the end of the world is near. The tops could pass for car covers and there is just no way to go unnoticed. People look at pregnant women.

And so, I was in the pregnant woman funk. My sister insisted that I go to a “real” haircut place. She saw someone at Toni & Guy and decided that’s where I had to go. Her regular person wasn’t there, but “D” was. I flopped down on the chair and she asked what I wanted to do. I said the magic words, “Just do something to it. I hate it the way it is and I don’t want to look like a stay at home mom.” I vaguely remember her chuckling under her breath and leading me over to the washing center.

When she was done, I was amazed. I was a new woman. I looked modern and had an actual hairstyle! I didn’t look like I had just rolled out of bed. The best part? I didn’t just want to sneak out the door in my comfy clothes anymore. I put makeup on again. I felt totally revived. Can I dare say, “She changed my life!” (Imagine me walking into a salon and handing someone a homemade hairstyle Emmy. Ha ha.)

All of this is to say, that sometimes, it is worth finding the perfect person to transform you. I still see “D” to this day. I had an appointment Saturday. She was just back from maternity leave. It felt great to sit down in the chair, and hear again, “So, what are we doing this time?”

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