Momstown: Week Two Review

This week, I think things went a little better. The bed was made more and the journal writing is becoming something that is naturally incorporating itself into my routine. I made some notes about what I learned about myself after completing all of the assessments. These were very eye opening.

This week I said no to an obligation. It was difficult but it was worth it. I had to tell a little white lie to get out of it, but I feel better about not needing to go. (I’d love to hear your take on this one. I didn’t want to lie, but it was either that, or I say, actually I just don’t want to come to your party. Is there another alternative?)

I had an interesting take on the whole “husband doesn’t get it” this week. Husband has been home a lot more lately. He has always been very helpful as far as the kids go and stuff getting done around the house, but this week he stepped in a little more and picked up Son from preschool and made breakfast a couple days. Also, having more time together meant that we had more time for conversation.

I threw away the maternity pants. I hope that you are standing in your living room cheering for me as it was a difficult ordeal. They were my favorite workout pants. They were black (so obviously, that means they made me look thin, right?) and they always fit. I said a teary goodbye and dumped them. To avoid the temptation of taking them back, I put them out in the big trash can. They are gone forever.

Husband and I went to the Parent’s Information Night at Son’s preschool. (I know where you think this is headed and no I did not wear and evening gown) However, I did swap out those “mommy” clothes for jeans, a new shirt in a color that I love and some girly sandals. It really does feel different to leave the house in real clothes. When I tell Husband I am leaving the house in real clothes, he always says, “As opposed to being naked?” They really don’t get it.

I did fall behind on writing the article. I know, two weeks in a row. It really is something that I want to get done. Especially after reading page 52 and answering some of the questions. I have wanted to be a writer since the 7th grade. I can remember my teacher telling me that one day, I would be a great writer. I want to get back into this, but finding the time is tough. I need to make it more of a priority. As you can see, I haven’t written much as far as the blog is concerned either.

And so, Sunday begins a new week.


Anonymous said...

I've still been making the bed every morning, but I'm not stripping it down to nothing anymore. "M" helps and he thinks it's a bit silly to undo the whole bed. There are days when I'll strip the bed because I have the time. I have been writing in the journal that I have had for "G" since she was born, but haven't started one exclusively for me. That is something that I've never been good about. I have started several journals and always stop on days 4-6. :)

This Real Mommy said...

I am so glad that you said that. I haven't been taking it all apart either. I think if I can just get it made, I have accomplished something.

Joyce said...

I have been making the bed but I don't strip it like they say either. That is too time consuming for me.