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I have to admit after reading one of comments attached to It’s Official, I am the Parent of a Preschooler, I was pretty frustrated. I thought about it (way too much) and obviously decided to respond with a comment. That wasn’t really enough as I continued to think about it. Comments like this may be partially my fault in that I haven’t really laid out for everyone what I want my blog to be and what purpose it serves not only for myself but others.

This blog was designed as a place to document and talk about deals. So many people I know are always asking about the deals and how they work, and I wanted to have a place to record them and provide instruction for others.

This blog was designed to record funny things that happen in my life as a mother. Everyday, something interesting happens. Everyday I find myself cracking up laughing and wanting to share that with someone else.

This blog was designed to help myself and other mothers. I wanted to create a blog that mothers might come to if they needed a good laugh. I wanted mothers to have a place where they could find encouragement; where someone is working to make her life better and they could follow along.

There are so many negative things that pull at us; so many people who are unhappy and want to drag everyone else down with them. Please pay attention: if this is you, this blog is not for you. There are plenty of other blogs people use as outlets for their negativity. Please go find one of those. You will fit right in there.

As for the rest of you: my apologies. I hate drama. I want to avoid it at all cost. This feels like drama, but I think if I don’t address it, it will get worse.

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